GBENN Member Feature: Nevada Green Business Program

greenUP! has partnered with Western Nevada College (WNC) to launch a statewide green business program to facilitate collecting environmental outcome measures for Nevada.  Western Nevada College received two Environmental Protection Agency grants to facilitate the program launch.

GreenBizTRACKER is a web-based and mobile tool used by at least 35 Green Business Programs and six states nationwide. These programs motivate businesses to make voluntary behavior and facility changes that net positive and measurable environmental outcomes. As a business moves through an online checklist of verifiable environmental actions, metrics are calculated. These metrics document key outcomes such as greenhouse gas emissions reduced, energy saved, gallons of water saved, tons of waste diverted from the landfill and hazardous materials reduced. Easy-to-use resources and tools are provided to the businesses to help them along the way. Once businesses have completed the checklist, they are recognized or certified and added to an online directory. The public can find and patronize these businesses by using the online searchable directory.

The initial baseline for measuring this program is determined by getting businesses to fill in a green business checklist. Over time, businesses are measured against this checklist to determine behavior change.  Nevada has access to studies, best practices and other resources from successful programs across the country. There are many reasons why a green business program makes sense for the State of Nevada.

  • Benefits of the program include:
    • Positive relationship between Government and Business
    • Collect environmental outcome measures for the State of Nevada
    • Public Prefers to Buys Green When that Option Exists
    • Businesses Reduce energy and waste and SAVE Money $$$

The Nevada Green Business Program and GreenUp! were recently featured in the US EPA Pollution Prevention Week press release for its work with Western Nevada College to help businesses improve environmental performance, while cutting waste and cost. Read more here!

The Nevada Green Business Program also hosts a green dining district in Carson City, NV. The green business program and the Green Dining District were both featured locally in Carson City’s main newspaper. Learn more about the Green Dining District and the Green Business Program in Nevada!
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